Friday, February 26, 2010

Dearly departed

It's 32 degrees outside and all I can think about is my fur hat. Maybe it has to do with all the great snow shots from northern hemisphere fashion weeks. Or being sick of wearing shorts and a t-shirt every day. Totally broke, I can't afford summer clothes so instead I dream of winter, a time when I hopefully have money again. And it makes me want to wear my fur hat. My lost fur hat.

It actually still hurts to think about. As you can imagine, there was SO many amazing things in New York to buy. But, alas, I had to save all my money for traveling through Mexico. So I convinced myself, and Sam, that I could treat myself to just one thing. One thing I really wanted. The fact that it was minus 10 outside no doubt influenced my decision for a fur hat. And they weren't cheap. But I told myself it was a timeless purchase and it was my only purchase.

Many vintage stores later I finally found the perfect one, one that actually fit my big head. It was so soft. In the three weeks we had together I wore it all the time. Then one night, during a snow storm, I put it in my bag so it didn't get wet and ruined. I went to dry it when I got back to the hostel and it was gone, laying somewhere in the snow. I'm so annoyed I didn't go back to search for it. And I know it will be very hard to replace. I hadn't seen anything in Melbourne similar. Sam promises me he will help me find one exactly like it. I'm holding him to it...


Terrible photo but it's the only one I have wearing it.

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