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It is hard to believe that local label Amber & Thomas have only two seasons under their belt. For their third collection, autumn/winter 2011, designers Amber Hourigan and Thomas Williams have found that difficult balance between being directional yet accessible – something that can take young labels years to master, if at all.

Inspired by the deserts of North America, Deserted explores the colours and textures of the burnt planes. The designers draw on traditional Native Indian art, the zigzag blazer, blouse and dress, brings to mind colourful woven items, while whip stitching, a Native American technique, is used through the soft leather dress and shorts.

At the risk of being simply a ‘trend’ collection, the designers offer fresh, interesting takes on colour blocking, fur and soft leathers.

While a relatively relaxed collection of loose long skirts, wide-leg silk pants and flowing blouses, the more structured leather pieces work well to achieve the overall aesthetic of the hardened land.

Amber & Thomas have just introduced an accessories range of studded leather clutches and bags available for autumn/winter 11, and you can now also shop at their online store.

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