Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For me, it's non-surprising that a Kiwi label (Zambesi) has presented my favourite collection at Australian Fashion Week so far. Of course, I have my Australian designers who can do no wrong (TV, Arnsdorf, Romance Was Born) but it seems our antipodean cousin just has a whole lotta more edge - ie Nom*d, Stolen Girlfriend's Club and said label - Zambesi.

What I like most about Zambesi is that they manage to create a dark, moody, aesthetic without compromising their craftsmanship. Instead of going for the worn-and-torn layering, they stick to their signature tailoring, which is always impeccable. And somehow, they make suits look rebellious. And when I thought I was getting over sheer fabrics they make the look more desirable than before.



Oh and nice choice with the guy models. I know Innika will appreciate this.
All images via vogue.com.au

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