Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a bit of a rant

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Most people from Melbourne would know of Shappere on Smith Street. Basically, for those of you who don't it has the most, most, amazing vintage shoe collection I have ever seen. They have so many pairs of shoes, and each pair is fantastic. They also are constantly putting out new stock. But the shoes are cheap. They average around $130 for a pair of boots, remembering that these are vintage. I usually don't have a issue paying this much, especially if they are a one off, and all the shoes appear to be re-soled.

So to the point. The first pair I bought there lasted a few months. The second - less than two weeks. The third - purchased last week - not even a day! Yes, I'm a bit stupid for going back three times but the shoes are seriously amazing. So each time the soles fall off. Not just a little, the whole thing just comes right off. And to get them re-soled it cost up to $80 dollars. That ends up being over $200 dollars for vintage shoes that you can find at other vintage store for $80 max. Yes, they are vintage and 'worn' but you only pay that price for quality shoes, you would be better off picking up a pair at an op-shop, I can't think of one pair that have broken as soon.

Basically, the problem seems to be about them re-soling the shoe. Either do the job properly or just leave it as is please! All my friends have had the exact same problem and since talking with other people they have said the same thing. Anyway, I guess I should have learnt my lesson the first time...

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  1. Agreed! Can't stay away though, the shoes are just so lovely - but short-lived..