Tuesday, February 9, 2010

treasure chest

I go through stages with my obsessions. Right now I can only think about, search for jewellery, '90s boots and pants (preferably patterned). I think the jewellery faze kicked in after the vintage markets in Mexico City. Now, I'm constantly on the look out for anything even nearly as impressive. Unfortunately, it seems like all the op shops in Melbourne are bare at the moment, leaving me to dream about unattainable (read: expensive) jewellery online. Below are some of my favourites. Basically, chunky brass, big stones and crystals, tube shaped or spikes.


Top (left to right): Aesa necklace, Unearthen crude oil necklace via Opening Ceremony, Unearthen titanium quartz via Opening Ceremony, Unearthen citrine necklace via Opening Ceremony, Givenchy 3D triangles leather cuff bracelet via LUISAVIAROMA.com, Rick Owens metallic resin bracelet via LUISAVIAROMA.com

Bottom (left to right): Estelle Deve Gaudii tube bracelet, Ek Thongprasert necklaces in blue and yellow, Paula Mendoza stone rings.

How amazing is the Rick Owens brass bracelet, and the Paula Mendoza rings, and the crude oil pendent! If only I had money, birthday presents perhaps (if so Estelle Deve bracelet thanks). Oh and speaking of Rick Owens, check out his wife's, Michele Lamy's, jewellery. Arghh amazing!!


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