Thursday, October 22, 2009

eBay on the cheap

The problem with eBay is that you think you have found a bargain but the next thing you know you are waking at 3 am to bid on a tee that you end up paying $150 dollars for. If your like me you get carried away and you get pissed that someone else is trying to get YOUR top, it's about the competition not the tee. So these days I try and look for sellers who don't have a shop. The more horrible the photography and styling the better, it means no one else will think to bid on it. My fav I found is the sheer dress. It's only at a few dollars at the moment with no bids. Unfortunately, after a massive pocket binge on the weekend I'm keeping away.



  1. OH please will you send me the link to the sheer dress? AMAZING.

  2. Arrh I can't find it sorry. It must of had less than 24 hours left. Silly me didn't bother to put the link up thinking no one would read the post in time!